Picture-Designer - Linux

Installationguide for Linux

Is there a linuxversion available?
The answer must unfortunately be "no". The Picture-Designer was not created for Linux or tested under Linux. Nevertheless, the software is a package that basically runs on Linux. With blemishes is expected, however. Currently there is no guarantee or warranty for this use. However, if you would like to try it, we would like to support you with this guide and are looking forward to your feedback (via the contact form or by e-mail).


With this procedure the Picture-Designer can be started under Ubuntu 18.

#Installation of the required tools curl
$ sudo apt install curl

#If there is no java runtime installed, we will do it now
$ sudo apt install default-jre

#Under Linux, the program still needs graphics libraries
#Installation of a used graphics library
$ sudo apt install libcanberra-gtk-module libcanberra-gtk3-module

#Now it can finally start
#we create a folder in which we want to deploy the Picture Designer
#and change into the directory
$ mkdir picture-designer
$ cd picture-designer

#then we load the application by curl
$ curl https://www.picture-designer.com/fileadmin/download/Picture-Designer_v0.6.6.jar --output Picture-Designer_v0.6.6.jar

#If everything went well, the application should start
$ java -jar Picture-Designer_v0.6.6.jar

#With a suitable start parameter, Java uses e.g. 4096MB main memory
$ java -Xmx4096m -jar Picture-Designer_v0.6.6.jar

Picture-Designer_v0.6.6.jar SHA256: ef2d24cd94d4577c633a2f468e56699fc0203b84ef7ecad1e7dca70d31ef8146

Picture-Designer_v0.6.5.jar SHA256: eb8f2155ab95f1b87f685738c2813c290a22d362a3feaa1ac392c3349ab89c5b